A conversation about dreams.

Caty Pasternak invited me onto her podcast show, Sexy Soul Radio, to talk about dreams, and this is the video version, a lively conversation about what dreams represent and how we can use them to live a more expansive life.

Caty is a hypnotherapist and women’s transformational coach, so she was keen to discover how to use dreams to reprogram unconscious beliefs that hold us back in life.

You’ll learn some tools and methods you can use to begin to interpret your dreams and use them as a catalyst for change. We also look at recurring dream themes, lucid dreaming, and how to remember more of your dreams.

Caty asks me about her recurring dreams about an ex, and we briefly touch upon common dream themes such as flying and losing teeth.

We enjoyed our conversation, and I’m sure you will too. It’s an hour jam-packed with helpful information about dreams and dreaming, and with lots of laughs along the way.


Jane Teresa Anderson

Graduating with an Honours degree in Zoology specialising in neurophysiology from the University of Glasgow, dream analyst and dream therapist Jane Teresa Anderson has been researching dreams since 1992, and developing and teaching dream alchemy practices that shift perspective and reprogram unconscious limiting beliefs. Jane Teresa is a multi-published author, and appears frequently in the media on television, radio, and in print. She is also host of the long-running podcast, The Dream Show, and offers her online study and certificate courses through The Dream Academy.


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