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Jane Teresa Anderson, June 2019, photo by Laura Tilley
Not a student yet?

That’s ok. My dream interpretation services are for everyone: you don’t need to be a student at The Dream Academy to ask me about your dreams.

Scroll on down to submit a dream for my Bare Bones Interpretation, or to book an in-depth consultation by phone or Skype.

Already a student?

As a student, there may be times when you want to reach out and ask me about a dream, perhaps to check in with me to see if your interpretations are on track.

You might also enjoy listening to my podcast show, The Dream Show, where I interpret my guests’ dreams and give dream interpretation tips.

Photo credit: Jane Teresa Anderson by Laura Tilley

Bare Bones Interpretation

Ask Jane Teresa Bare Bones InterpretationThis is for you if you want an overview interpretation of a dream and my meaningful insight into how it relates to your life.

You send me your dream, I read it, think about it, interpret it, and then switch on my microphone, record my Bare Bones interpretation and insight as a private and confidential mp3, and send it to you.

What you get:

  • My bare bones interpretation of your dream (no deep analysis)
  • My valuable expert insight into the meaning of your dream
  • My insight into how your dream relates to your life
  • My insight into how you can use your dream to bring positive change into your life
  • Some questions for you to consider to take you deeper
  • A dream alchemy practice for you to do to seal positive change
  • All this delivered as a confidential mp3 direct to your email
  • Delivered within 1-4 business days
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In-depth Consultation by phone or Skype

Ask Jane Teresa In-Depth Dream ConsultationThis is for you if you want to go deep into a dream, explore it from every angle, discover how deeply it relates to your life, and what insight you can take from it going forward. Be prepared for a life-changing experience.

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    Ask Jane Teresa: Bare Bones Interpretation

    I read your dream and record my interpretation and insight for you as a private mp3.

    People often ask me for an overview interpretation of their dream and my meaningful insight into how it relates to their life.

    My Bare Bones Interpretation Service delivered by voice recording is for people who do not want a deep analysis or in-depth interpretation, but …

  • Services

    Ask Jane Teresa: In-depth Dream Consultation by phone or Skype

    A confidential one hour dream consultation with Jane Teresa, wherever you are in the world.

    Ask me about a dream or nightmare from the privacy of your home: call my cell phone or Skype.

    Together we explore your dream so that you understand it, gain fresh perspective and meaningful insight into your life, see solutions to problems, and ways to resolve issues.

    A …