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I'm Jane Teresa Anderson, dream analyst, author, host of The Dream Show, and frequent dream expert guest on national television and radio. I started The Dream Academy to share my professional experience of 25 years in dream interpretation, dream alchemy, and dream therapy with people just like you.

My team launched the online learning centre in early 2017 with the first course How to Interpret Your Dreams, Step by Step.

Our second course, Dream Alchemy: how to create and use dream alchemy exercises to transform your life, will be available from mid-2017, followed by professional training courses for therapists

We're also creating a variety of smaller courses for all levels, as well as online retreats, group study options, a dream community, and personal mentoring with me, and I look forward to bringing you these soon.

I'm particularly excited about The Dream Academy because it lets you learn at your own pace, with a combination of videos, course notes, and quizzes.

For now, I hope you'll take the opportunity to enjoy my first course, How to Interpret Your Dreams, Step by Step

I'd love to keep you updated about our new courses and to send you podcasts, articles, insights, and information to help you understand your dreams: subscribe to my newsletter further down this page and I'll get some information to you right away!

Jane Teresa Anderson BScHons

How to Interpret Your Dreams, Step by Step

Jane Teresa takes you through a step-by-step process you can use to interpret your dreams and gain deep insight into yourself and your life.

You can review the course details below and sign-up when you're ready.

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    Jane Teresa takes you through a step-by-step process you can use to interpret your dreams and gain deep insight into yourself and your life.

    Instructor: Jane Teresa Anderson

    Language: English

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Jane Teresa regularly speaks about dream interpretation and has
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What people say

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Shauna Jenkins

Shauna Jenkins

Life Coach

I really enjoyed this course and got so much out of it. I loved the face to face feeling with your videos as well as the very thorough notes. As a long time sufferer of painful emotional and physiological responses to intense dreams and nightmares, I can’t tell you how much you have helped me to understand my dreams and my life patterns as well as helping me to receive more gentle messages in my sleep. I now hope to help others.

Barbara Courtille

Barbara Courtille


What I like about this course is that there are very clear instructions to guide you along the way and in that process you are able to uncover the more obscure meaning of your dreams. Jane Teresa's approach is very practical and she is able to show you how your dreams relate to your everyday life including important information which may not be apparent to the dreamer. You will learn so much from these teachings and it is also a lot of fun and something that you will be able to use forever.

Tim Hupkes

Tim Hupkes

Tim Hupkes Art

The course 'How to interpret your dreams step-by-step' has brought me so much important information! I always found indispensable clues with the help of Jane Teresa's e-books, blog & podcast. But the course has definitely deepened my understanding. I love it: removing all blocks one by one has been made a fun and very effective 'job'!

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