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Certificate course in professional dream therapy.

Learn how to work with clients and assist their healing and transformation using dream therapy techniques.

Includes TEN 60-minute confidential one:one mentoring sessions with Jane Teresa.

Instant lifetime access, begin today. Go at your own pace, and revisit as many times as you wish. 

Entry requirements: You need to complete Course 1, How to Interpret Your Dreams Step-by-Step, and Course 2, Dream Alchemy.

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Instructor: Jane Teresa Anderson

Language: English



Learn how to work with clients and assist their healing and transformation using dream therapy techniques.

This course builds on the foundational tools, techniques, and skills you learned doing Course 1 (How to Interpret Your Dreams Step-by-Step) and Course 2 (Dream Alchemy) and trains you in professional dream therapy so you can assist your clients in their healing and transformation using my methods and approaches in dreamwork. The course includes TEN 60-minute confidential one:one mentoring sessions by Zoom or Phone with Jane Teresa Anderson.

This is a practical, people-focussed course: you will practise different techniques with volunteer clients (people you choose), and have your ten Zoom or Phone mentoring sessions with Jane Teresa along the way.


The purpose of this course

  • Learn how to work with clients and assist their healing and transformation using dream therapy techniques.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of dream analysis, dream interpretation, and dream alchemy.
  • Learn key dream therapy skills.
  • Practise these dream therapy skills with your volunteer clients.
  • Gain your certificate by submitting your Course Diary* to Jane Teresa.

* See details about Course Diary further down this page.


Learn at your own pace: the inspiration to move this course online

Jane Teresa has been training students in the art and science of dream analysis and dream therapy for two decades, face-to-face in the early days, then by Skype and phone internationally, always on a one:one basis. She decided to develop and evolve the course into the online format to make it more accessible, so that you can learn at your own pace, revisiting the videos, notes, and manuals as often as you wish. You can book your TEN 60-minute one:one mentoring sessions with Jane Teresa whenever you wish, to suit your pace and requirements.


Entry requirements

To study the Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 course, you need to first complete the foundational work covered in Course 1 How to Interpret Your Dreams Step-by-Step and Course 2 Dream Alchemy.


Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 Certificate Course: learning and applying dream therapy techniques

  • 14 Modules

Module 1: About this course
Module 2: What is Dream Therapy?
Module 3: The role of the dream therapist
Module 4: Recommended session outlines
Module 5: One Simple Sentence in dream therapy
Module 6: The dream ending in dream therapy
Module 7: The dream problem in dream therapy
Module 8: Dream solutions and patterns in dream therapy
Module 9: People and conflicts in dream therapy
Module 10: Dream symbols in dream therapy
Module 11: Applying dream alchemy
Module 12: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in dream therapy
Module 13: Lotto numbers, cheating, and past lives
Module 14: Putting it all together

  • 14 videos: more than 3.5 hours of viewing and instruction
  • Manual: download the 24,500 word course notes manual
  • The manual text is also in illustrated format online
  • Practical work: you will be guided through practising with 2-3 volunteer clients
  • Course Diary: download to record (in writing) your practice and submit for certification
  • Certificate: awarded on successful completion as evaluated by your Course Diary (see below).
  • TEN 60-minute one:one mentoring sessions by Zoom or Phone with Jane Teresa.
  • Hours of study: Allow 125 hours: more details below.


Practising with volunteer clients & keeping a Course Diary

During the course you’ll work with two or three volunteer clients (people you choose) either face-to-face, or by Zoom (or similar), or by phone, or by a mix of these (you choose). Your volunteer clients – friends or friends of friends – will receive the benefits of dream therapy through working with you as you practise the techniques, and will most likely be very happy to give you testimonials and talk up your services through word of mouth when you are ready to work with paying clients.

The Course Diary gives you clear instructions on what written information to record for each of the modules. It also gives word-length guidelines. Mostly your Course Diary entries for each module will be somewhere between 500 and 1,200 words, some are much less. You will not be required to write out your clients’ dreams in detail for Jane Teresa to read.


TEN confidential one:one mentoring sessions with Jane Teresa by Zoom or Phone

While our Dream Academy courses are designed so that you can learn wholly by yourself, at your own pace, in your own time, this course includes TEN 60-minute confidential one:one  mentoring sessions by Zoom or Phone with Jane Teresa. You can use your sessions to confidentially discuss your work with your volunteer clients, to ask questions about the course, to expand on areas you find interesting, or to help motivate, inspire, and move you through your course with accountability. The sessions are open-ended, designed to meet your individual requirements. You are also welcome to use them to explore your own dreams with Jane Teresa.

Jane Teresa lives in Australia, but wherever you are in the world, in whichever time zone, she always works with you to find a convenient time for your Zoom sessions.



Your certificate is awarded by Jane Teresa Anderson on successful completion, as evaluated by your Course Diary. If there are any sections of your Course Diary that Jane Teresa feels need more work, or more details, she’ll outline what you need to do to successfully resubmit. She’ll work with you to make sure you successfully complete. You will be proud of your certificate and the valuable skillsets it endorses. You can then promote your skills and services as certified by Jane Teresa Anderson.



The Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 certificate is individually awarded by Jane Teresa Anderson on successful completion, as evaluated by your Course Diary. The Dream Therapy certificate shows that you have successfully completed the coursework and gained the skills to use Jane Teresa’s professional dream therapy methods in your therapy work. It entitles you to state (and market) that you have successfully trained with Jane Teresa Anderson to use her methods in your work. 


Start date (begin at any time)

The course is self-paced, so you can begin at any time and take as long as you wish.


Access to resources

When you enrol, you’ll gain immediate access to the course and all the resources as long as you have completed the pre-requisite courses, How to Interpret Your Dreams Step-by-Step, and Dream Alchemy. There is no time limit to complete this course, and you can revisit and access all the resources as often as you wish, even after you have been awarded your certificate.


Hours of study

Again, the course is self-paced, so you can begin at any time and take as long as you wish. As a guideline, you’ll probably need about 125 hours in total. This includes watching the videos, reading the manual, studying the theory, contemplation, preparation time for working with your volunteer clients, time spent working with your clients, record keeping after your client sessions, your ten mentoring sessions, and writing up your Course Diary. You may find it takes a little less than 125 hours, you may need a little more, and you may wish to add in more time to contemplate and practise with your own dreams or with additional volunteer clients.


Professional Level 2 (Advanced) course

You may wish to take your practice to a deeper level and gain your Level 2 (Advanced) certificate. In the Level 2 course you practise full dream therapy (fieldwork) with new volunteer clients, write and submit five assignments largely based on your fieldwork, and have FIVE 60-minute Zoom or Phone one:one mentoring sessions with Jane Teresa. There is no additional formal theory covered in the Level 2 course. The course includes a special interest assignment.  You choose the subject: it might be a special interest in one form of dream alchemy, or in a defined client base (recovering addicts, teenagers, recently bereaved, cancer patients), or another area of your choice.


What people say

Michaela Eriksson“There is so much I have liked about Jane Teresa as a course leader. She has a very nice and pleasant demeanour, is accommodating and feels understanding. She is a true inspiration. The course material (Dream Therapy Professional Level 1) has been rich in content and filled with lots of good exercises. Jane feels free in her way of leading by giving suggestions but at the same time encouraged me as a student to create and be free in my way of leading. I look forward to starting the next course!”
– Michaela Eriksson, Animal communicator and dream therapist, Gothenburg, Sweden

Juliana Bishop“Before I took the Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 course I started with the prerequisites. This was a challenge for me since my way of looking at dreams had to shift. My brain had to think differently and as a result I was impressed by what I gained. I was determined to learn and be open to a different approach. After analyzing my dreams I applied “Dream Alchemy” and started seeing the day to day shifts. It was comical really. I questioned how that could be! I also saw this happen when I was enrolled in the Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 course and applied what I learned with Clients. The same thing happened. They saw shifts. Awaking moments and tools to walk on their path in a more conscious way. I also value the format of the therapy. This I could apply even to my Astrology and Herbal Sessions. Asking similar questions to help a client reach a deeper understanding. Dream Therapy is the last of the 3 specialties I was looking for. It’s helped me to go further with clients. I definitely recommend the course.”
– Juliana Bishop, Medical Herbalist and Professional Astrologer, USA

Diane Cruickshanks“I wanted to say just how much I have enjoyed doing this course (Dream Therapy Professional Level 1). The experiences that I have had with my volunteer clients and the positive reports I have had back from them. I really feel that I am going to enjoy working in this field immensely. Thank you so much for bringing the world of dreams alive for me and for the opportunity to work in this field, I am excited for what the future holds. I will be back for the second course.”
– Diane Cruickshanks, Psychic Medium and Dream Therapist, Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia

Maria Laura Macropoulos Plytas“All three courses up to the DreamTherapy Professional Level 1 are very informative and well explained. The e-books, podcasts and Dream Academy blog are educational and helpful while studying; I would recommend going through them during a Dream Therapy Professional course – as you go along! I enjoyed the course tremendously! I appreciate Jane Teresa’s support, always being there, ready to help! I look forward to taking the Dream Therapy Professional Level 2 course. A big thank you, Jane Teressa Anderson!”
– Maria Laura Macropoulos Plytas, Psychotherapist, Athens, Greece

Sally Burton “I want to sincerely thank you for all that you have taught me. I’m very pleased to have the certificate (Dream Therapy Professional Level 1) and to begin helping people gain insight from the messages in their dreams.”
– Sally Burton, Spiritual Director, Redlands, California, USA

Marianne Vreugdenhil “Around nine years ago, I undertook your one-on-one dreamwork training. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned an enormous amount. I’m an EFT (tapping) practitioner and have found guiding clients to tap on acupressure points while tuning into the emotions in their dreams is quite transformative. Thank you for your advice and knowledge all those years ago. It has stayed with me all this time and is now bearing fruit.”
– Marianne Vreugdenhil, Counselling & EFT, Adelaide, Australia

“All three of your courses were wonderful! It’s amazing how simple but powerful your techniques are. My clients and I have experienced truly transformative results. I already had a copy of your Dream Alchemy book, which I read and enjoyed, but the additional videos and fieldwork were rewarding and fun. So glad I found you and your work!”
– Kim Teodori, Vibrational Sound Therapist, Tuning Insight, USA

Beth Forrester“I’d really like to recommend Jane Teresa and her beautiful work. I have had the pleasure of taking three of her online trainings (one I have yet to complete) as well as having a private dream interpretation. I am also an avid fan of her podcast The Dream Show. As a dream worker myself, I have done a few online trainings, have read lots of books on the subject of dreams, and have listened to many people in this field, and I can honestly say that Jane Teresa has a particularly enjoyable, inspiring and accessible approach. Her courses, ranging from learning how to look at, and understand your own dreams, through to professional level trainings, are all very thorough, very clear, and full of her own infectious curiosity and energy. Jane Teresa is very encouraging, and her years of experience in dream work as well as her background in science, means that her attitude and approach to this beautiful, mysterious, powerful world, feels really balanced. I really appreciate that, and as I was going through the courses, found it very grounding and reassuring. She provides really practical steps which help to understand how a dream works, and ways in which you can get inside the imagery and the themes. There is lots of room for the broad nature of dreams in all their variety and complexity, as well as the multiple layers within them. And whilst the techniques Jane Teresa teaches are very powerful, she is never didactic or prescriptive. Another aspect I really appreciate is that Jane Teresa brings a warm and light touch to this huge subject, she often uses humour and her teaching does not feel heavy, overly intellectual, or theoretical in any way, the work is immediately useful and useable, which is very exciting.”
– Beth Forrester, Dream Worker, Tarot Reader and Artist, Gloucestershire, England

Watch the video

Jane Teresa introduces you to this course:

Why train with Jane Teresa?

Jane Teresa Anderson August 2023 by Michael Collins

You are in safe, expert hands. Jane Teresa has been consulting professionally as a dream analyst and dream therapist since 1992, and trained students in dream therapy for more than two decades before deciding to further evolve her courses into an online format.

Originally trained as a scientist, Jane Teresa’s approach to interpreting and working with dreams is both an art and a science, based on her independent research and deep work with clients for over 32 years.

Jane Teresa’s long experience with the media over as many years (television and radio), combined with her earlier training in teaching and education, has gifted her the skills to design courses and communicate and teach in an effective and fun way through videos as well as through the written word.

You can read more about Jane Teresa and her extensive bio here.

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Please note that you need to complete both Course 1, How to interpret your dreams step-by-step, and Course 2, Dream alchemy, before beginning this course. Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 draws on the foundational work covered in the first two courses. Begin with Course 1, and move forward from there. 

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