DREAM ALCHEMY how to create and use dream alchemy to powerfully transform your life

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Jane Teresa shows you how to prescribe, create, and use different types of dream alchemy practices to reprogram limiting unconscious beliefs revealed by dreams and experience powerful positive results. 

Entry requirements: You need to complete Course 1, How to Interpret Your Dreams Step-by-Step.

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Instructor: Jane Teresa Anderson

Language: English



Jane Teresa shows you how to prescribe, create, and use different types of dream alchemy practices to reprogram limiting unconscious beliefs revealed by dreams and experience powerful positive results.

Delve into the art and science of creating dream alchemy to change your life in wonderfully enriching ways.

Dream Alchemy draws on foundational work covered in Course 1: Please note that you need to complete Course 1, How to Interpret Your Dreams Step-by-Step, before beginning Dream Alchemy.

Sometimes the deep insight gained from interpreting a dream is all you need to nurture growth, make a key decision, or introduce a positive change into your life. At other times, and especially when interpreting a dream reveals an unconscious limiting belief or block, it takes more than conscious awareness to move beyond that block. That’s where dream alchemy practices come in.

Dream alchemy practices are designed to communicate direct with your unconscious mind to reprogram those beliefs so the blocks shift and your life transforms in positive ways. Dream alchemy practices communicate with the unconscious mind by using the uniquely individual personal language expressed in your dreams.

Another way to look at this is to say that dream alchemy practices rewire the brain.

Just as every dream is unique and personal to the dreamer, dream alchemy practices need to be designed to suit the unique and personal nature of a dream.

In this easy to follow practical course, Jane Teresa shows you how to fill in your Dream Alchemy Prescription Chart for each dream that you choose to work with, and then takes you through the steps of creating and applying seven different types of dream alchemy. You’ll soon discover that doing dream alchemy changes your life in abundantly wonderful ways.

Sign up and learn at your own pace. You can enjoy revisiting the course as many times as you wish.

At the end of this online course you will have the skills to prescribe, design, and create unique dream alchemy practices to reprogram and transform limiting beliefs and blocks identified in dreams. You can revisit the course as many times as you wish over the years.

This course is for you if you tick the first box and one or more of the others

❏ You have completed course 1, How to Interpret Your Dreams Step-by-Step.

❏ You’re ready to build on your dream interpretation skills and use dream alchemy to reprogram your unconscious mind.

❏ You’re excited to delve into the art and science of creating dream alchemy to change your life in wonderful ways.

❏ You’d like to build the skills to help family and friends move forward in their lives using dream alchemy.

❏ You’re ready to use your dreams to strike personal and spiritual gold.

What you will learn

When you do this course, you’ll learn

  • The nature of alchemy and dream alchemy.
  • Why dream interpretation needs to be followed by dream alchemy for dreams that reveal unconscious limiting beliefs or blocks if effective positive change is desired.
  • How dream alchemy works.
  • The information you need to gather from a dream to prescribe dream alchemy.
  • How to fill in your Dream Alchemy Prescription Chart for any dream.
  • The tools you need to design and create effective dream alchemy.
  • Precisely how to design seven types of dream alchemy: visualisation, affirmation, artwork, writing, dialogue, bodywork, and give back the belief.
  • The different practical formulae for applying each of these seven types of dream alchemy.
  • What to expect when you apply dream alchemy: waking life signs.
  • What to expect when you apply dream alchemy: dreaming life signs.
  • How to keep records and track results.
  • The skills to prescribe, design, and create dream alchemy practices for your own dreams and for the dreams of others.
  • How to change your life in wonderful ways through doing dream alchemy.

Your course includes

  • More than 156 minutes of video instruction with Jane Teresa in twelve videos
  • All videos are captioned: go to the settings wheel, switch on subtitles, choose ‘English autogenerated’
  • Your Dream Alchemy Prescription Chart (pdf)
  • Manual (Course Notes) pdf: 13,700 words
  • Detailed page notes
  • End of course quiz
  • Certificate of completion
  • Hours of study: Allow 11+ hours: more details below.

Hours of study

Allow 11+ hours to do this course. There are videos to watch, notes to read, exercises to do, and charts to fill in as you go. In the videos Jane Teresa regularly asks you to ‘press pause’ and do an exercise, or follow some directions in filling in a chart, or taking time to design, create, and do different types of dream alchemy following her guidelines. Most people will spend about 11 hours the first time they go through the course.

After this, you can go through the course, or parts of the course, as many times as you wish to revise and practise different kinds of dream alchemy. Soon you’ll find yourself able to design and create just the right dream alchemy for any dream quickly and efficiently without Jane Teresa’s video help.

What people say

Fabiana Fondevila“Jane Teresa has created an invaluable tool. Her Alchemy practices honor personal differences, offering varied ways to go about reaping the gold from our nightly excursions. If one is not an artist, there are the affirmations; if visualizations are difficult, there is dialogue or bodywork. Her optimistic and positive style goes a long way towards encouraging dreamers to dive in, confident that they will find the growth and learning they yearn for, so long as they commit to spending quality time with their dreams, their unconscious and and their imagination. A treasure trove of tools for self-knowledge and transformation.”
– Fabiana Fondevila, author of Where Wonder Lives, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Emma Kirby“I’m so grateful to have found you and your work! I never thought that I could understand my dreams, or anyone else’s for that matter, but after I’ve studied your first two courses and started listening to your podcast, dreams have finally started making sense to me. (I never ever thought they would.)”
– Emma Kirby, Sweden

“The ‘Dream Alchemy’ course opened my eyes to the various possibilities of working with dreams and their messages. Most important was to discover through the techniques taught that our mind responds best when we use its language, the language of dreams.”
– João Britto, Recife, Brazil

“All three of your courses were wonderful! It’s amazing how simple but powerful your techniques are. My clients and I have experienced truly transformative results. I already had a copy of your Dream Alchemy book, which I read and enjoyed, but the additional videos and fieldwork were rewarding and fun. So glad I found you and your work!”
– Kim Teodori, Vibrational Sound Therapist, Tuning Insight, USA

Juliana Bishop“Before I took the Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 course I started with the prerequisites. This was a challenge for me since my way of looking at dreams had to shift. My brain had to think differently and as a result I was impressed by what I gained. I was determined to learn and be open to a different approach. After analyzing my dreams I applied “Dream Alchemy” and started seeing the day to day shifts. It was comical really. I questioned how that could be! I also saw this happen when I was enrolled in the Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 course and applied what I learned with Clients. The same thing happened. They saw shifts. Awaking moments and tools to walk on their path in a more conscious way. I also value the format of the therapy. This I could apply even to my Astrology and Herbal Sessions. Asking similar questions to help a client reach a deeper understanding. Dream Therapy is the last of the 3 specialties I was looking for. It’s helped me to go further with clients. I definitely recommend the course.”
– Juliana Bishop, Medical Herbalist and Professional Astrologer, USA

Iwona Wisniowska“I loved the structure of the course. Again it had beautiful content, with multiple tools, suited to everyone. I really enjoyed the course, already applied the knowledge and looking forward to my first glimmers of gold! Thank you so much for offering the course! The deep insights I got after following the course are just priceless. I understand so much better now how dreams work and how can I use them to my benefit. I understood current patterns and beliefs I should work on! Amazing!”
– Iwona Wisniowska, Poland

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you again for having your dream academy, for not having a time limit, for just being a great resource of help to those of us whose nights are filled with vivid memories and discussions, friends and foes, wishes, dreams, and just a colorful life hidden, waiting to be our best counselors and confidents.

I am learning more and more and love, really love your worksheets that are helping me understand how to break each big dream down and really see who, what, where, and how my life is unfolding and what life is trying to tell me in ways I can grow. Just lovely.”
– Rhonda Susini, Retired Operating Room Nurse, USA

Beth Forrester“I’d really like to recommend Jane Teresa and her beautiful work. I have had the pleasure of taking three of her online trainings (one I have yet to complete) as well as having a private dream interpretation. I am also an avid fan of her podcast The Dream Show. As a dream worker myself, I have done a few online trainings, have read lots of books on the subject of dreams, and have listened to many people in this field, and I can honestly say that Jane Teresa has a particularly enjoyable, inspiring and accessible approach. Her courses, ranging from learning how to look at, and understand your own dreams, through to professional level trainings, are all very thorough, very clear, and full of her own infectious curiosity and energy. Jane Teresa is very encouraging, and her years of experience in dream work as well as her background in science, means that her attitude and approach to this beautiful, mysterious, powerful world, feels really balanced. I really appreciate that, and as I was going through the courses, found it very grounding and reassuring. She provides really practical steps which help to understand how a dream works, and ways in which you can get inside the imagery and the themes. There is lots of room for the broad nature of dreams in all their variety and complexity, as well as the multiple layers within them. And whilst the techniques Jane Teresa teaches are very powerful, she is never didactic or prescriptive. Another aspect I really appreciate is that Jane Teresa brings a warm and light touch to this huge subject, she often uses humour and her teaching does not feel heavy, overly intellectual, or theoretical in any way, the work is immediately useful and useable, which is very exciting.”
– Beth Forrester, Dream Worker, Tarot Reader and Artist, Gloucestershire, England

Jane Teresa introduces this course: watch the video

Why train with Jane Teresa?

Jane Teresa Anderson August 2023 by Michael Collins

You are in safe, expert hands. Jane Teresa has been consulting professionally as a dream analyst and dream therapist since 1992, and trained students in dream therapy for two decades before deciding to further evolve her courses into an online format.

Originally trained as a scientist, Jane Teresa’s approach to interpreting and working with dreams is both an art and a science, based on her independent research and deep work with clients for over 32 years.

Jane Teresa’s long experience with the media over as many years (television and radio), combined with her earlier training in teaching and education, has gifted her the skills to design courses and communicate and teach in an effective and fun way through videos as well as through the written word.

While our Dream Academy courses are designed so that you can learn wholly by yourself, at your own pace, in your own time, Jane Teresa offers additional mentoring for those students who enjoy the luxury of extra personal support. The sessions are open-ended to suit your needs.

You can read more about Jane Teresa and her extensive bio here.

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