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Certificate course in professional dream therapy.

For Level 1 graduates: Deepen your professional practise and advance your skills through fieldwork, assignments, and private mentoring by phone, Zoom, or Skype with Jane Teresa Anderson.

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Entry requirements: Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 certificate.

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Instructor: Jane Teresa Anderson

Language: English


The Dream Therapy Professional Level 2 course is for you if

  • You have completed your Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 course and been awarded your certificate.
  • You are ready to deepen your practise and advance your skills through fieldwork, assignments, and mentoring with Jane Teresa Anderson.


Entry requirements

To study the Dream Therapy Professional Level 2 course, you need to first complete and gain your certificate for the Dream Therapy Professional Level 1 course.


Dream Therapy Professional Level 2 Certificate Course: fieldwork and mentoring

In the Dream Therapy Professional Level 2 course, you practice full dream therapy (fieldwork) with new volunteer clients, write and submit five assignments largely based on your fieldwork, and have five 60-minute private mentoring phone, Zoom, or Skype sessions with Jane Teresa. There is no additional formal theory in this course.



You organise weekly full Dream Therapy sessions with your new volunteer clients over a period of 6-12 weeks. (Your current paying clients may also give you permission to report your work with them as case studies for your fieldwork and assignments, and for confidential discussion with Jane Teresa during your phone or Skype mentoring sessions.)


You’ll receive details of the five assignments when you enrol for this course. Most assignments are based on your fieldwork with your volunteer clients. Guidelines for word length are given for each assignment. Three are 2,000-4,000 words, and two are 4,000-6,000 words. You complete the assignments in the order given, and submit them to Jane Teresa as you go. You work at your own pace, and arrange your phone or Skype mentoring sessions to follow each assignment.

Phone, Zoom, or Skype mentoring sessions

There are five 60-minute phone or Skype mentoring sessions with Jane Teresa Anderson, each session designed to talk about an assignment (after Jane Teresa has had time to read and review it), or anything else you’d like to discuss or explore. These are arranged at a pace to suit you, in keeping with the ‘work at your own pace’ intention behind all the courses. There’s no time limit on this course.


Your certificate is awarded by Jane Teresa on successful completion, as evaluated by your assignments and phone sessions. If she feels your assignments (or practise) need more work or detail, she’ll guide you, during the phone or Skype sessions, toward what you need to do to resubmit to be awarded your certificate.

Start date (begin at any time)

The course is self-paced, so you can begin at any time after receiving your Level 1 certificate, and take as long as you wish.

Hours of study

Again, the course is self-paced, so you can begin at any time and take as long as you wish. You’ll need to allow the time for your practice (at least three volunteer client sessions per week for 6-12 weeks), allowing for the actual session times plus prep and post (record taking) for each session. You may need two or three hours to write each assignment, or you may need, or prefer to take, much longer. Obviously you need to set aside five hours for your five phone or Skype mentoring sessions with Jane Teresa, and you may wish to allow some time for prep and post (summarising your notes or doing follow up work) around each phone or Skype session. In addition to these hours, you’ll probably want to set aside time, during this course, for deeper contemplation and, perhaps, revisiting some of the theory you covered in earlier courses. You know yourself and your approach to study and practise very well, so you’ll be able to calculate a rough idea of the number of hours you’ll need to set aside for this course, as well as to take it at a relaxed, enjoyable, nourishing, and enriching pace.


At the end of the Dream Therapy Professional Level 2 course, and upon receiving your certificate, you will be able to practice as a Dream Therapy Professional Level 2 practitioner, promoting your skills and services as certified by Jane Teresa Anderson.


Jane Teresa introduces this course: watch the video

Why train with Jane Teresa?

Jane Teresa AndersonYou are in safe, expert hands. Jane Teresa has been consulting professionally as a dream analyst and dream therapist since 1992, and trained students in dream therapy for more than two decades before deciding to further evolve her courses into an online format.

Originally trained as a scientist, Jane Teresa’s approach to interpreting and working with dreams is both an art and a science, based on her independent research and deep work with clients for over 26 years.

Jane Teresa’s long experience with the media over as many years (television and radio), combined with her earlier training in teaching and education, has gifted her the skills to design courses and communicate and teach in an effective and fun way through videos as well as through the written word.

You can read more about Jane Teresa and her extensive bio here.

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