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Jane Teresa takes you through her step-by-step system that you can use to interpret your dreams and gain powerful positive insight into yourself and your life.

Discover and use the valuable life-shaping information your dreams hold.

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Instructor: Jane Teresa Anderson

Language: English


Jane Teresa takes you through her step-by-step system that you can use to interpret your dreams and gain powerful enriching insight into yourself and your life. You’ll get the tools you need to transform your life in wonderful ways through interpreting and working with your dreams.

This is not a dream dictionary approach. Every dream is as unique as every dreamer, and the insights you gain will be unique and specific to you.

Choose one of your dreams, then download the Dream Interpretation Chart and watch the videos to follow Jane Teresa’s steps as she guides you through interpreting your dream and recording your results and insights on your chart.

Repeat the process for as many dreams as you wish to interpret, using a fresh Dream Interpretation Chart for each dream.

When you analyse and interpret your dreams in this way, you’ll discover how your dreams relate to your life and how they can teach you about your unconscious limiting beliefs, patterns, attitudes, and perspectives – and how to change these. You’ll find rewarding solutions to problems, gain clarity on personal issues and how to resolve them, heal what needs to be healed, discover rich insight into direction, unearth a treasure trove of valuable creativity, and enjoy a more positive life experience.

At the end of this online course you will have the skills to analyse, interpret, and understand your dreams and those of others using the tools, resources and knowledge provided by Jane Teresa Anderson in this course.

You can revisit the course as many times as you wish over the years.

When you enrol, you will also have access to The Dream Academy Community, exclusive to Dream Academy students and graduates, where you can interact with other students through the forums.

This course is for you if you tick one or more of these boxes

❏ You want an intelligent practical method you can use to interpret your dreams meaningfully.

❏ You want to gain more insight into yourself and your life through your dreams.

❏ You are at a crossroads in your life and want to find direction through your dreams.

❏ You know there are blocks holding you back in life and you are ready to identify and release them.

❏ You are curious about what your dreams mean and you’re ready to find answers.

❏ You want to tap into your creative source.

❏ You want to stop recurring dreams.

❏ You want to help your family and friends to interpret and understand their dreams.

❏ You want to become a professional dream therapist: to do my certified dream therapy course you need to begin with this one.

❏ You have a feeling you’re missing valuable life-shaping information that is slipping away in your dreams.

❏ You prefer to learn how to interpret your dreams yourself rather than book consultations with Jane Teresa.

❏ You are ready to welcome priceless powerful positive change into your life.

❏ You know your dreams hold valuable insight but you feel you’re not getting to the heart of what they really mean.

This course is NOT for you if

✘ You’re looking for a dream dictionary approach: (This course does NOT use a dictionary approach. Symbols are personal and unique to each dreamer. Jane Teresa shows you how to interpret symbols.)

✘ You’re looking for historical context and a review of dream theories. (This course takes a completely practical approach, teaching you the methods Jane Teresa uses to interpret dreams, step-by-step.)


What you will learn

When you do this course, you’ll learn

  • How to put a dream interpretation together by completing the step-by-step Dream Interpretation Chart.
  • The skills to analyse, interpret, and understand your dreams and the dreams of others.
  • Key information about the nature of dreams and the process of dreaming, about recurring dreams, nightmares, seeing the past and the future in dreams, the role of dream symbols and dream dramas, and the question of whether dreams offer guidance.
  • A simple method to discover how your dream relates to your waking life.
  • How to identify the shadow side, and trace the issue your dream is processing back to its possible origin.
  • How to work with unresolved dreams to resolve issues and challenges in your life.
  • A method to identify the waking life problem or question your dream is processing.
  • How to uncover the unconscious patterns of behaviour (dictated by your unconscious beliefs, feelings, and memories) that are directing the way you are handling a waking life problem.
  • How to use a simple dream alchemy technique to change negative patterns you identify into positive patterns that create positive outcomes in your life.
  • What it means to dream of people you know, and how to identify what each person represents about you and your life.
  • A method to identify and resolve inner conflict.
  • Three different key methods to discover the meaning of dream symbols.
  • What you need to know to take advantage of the life-shaping information your dreams hold.

What people say

“I really enjoyed this course and got so much out of it. I loved the face to face feeling with your videos as well as the very thorough notes. As a long time sufferer of painful emotional and physiological responses to intense dreams and nightmares, I can’t tell you how much you have helped me to understand my dreams and my life patterns as well as helping me to receive more gentle messages in my sleep. I now hope to help others.”
– Shauna Jenkins, Shauna Jenkins Coaching, Australia

Tim Hupkes“The course ‘How to interpret your dreams step-by-step’ has brought me so much important information! I always found indispensable clues with the help of Jane Teresa’s e-books, blog & podcast. But the course has definitely deepened my understanding. I love it: removing all blocks one by one has been made a fun and very effective ‘job’.”
– Tim Hupkes, Tim Hupkes Art, The Netherlands

Barbara Courtille“What I like about this course is that there are very clear instructions to guide you along the way and in that process you are able to uncover the more obscure meaning of your dreams. Jane Teresa’s approach is very practical and she is able to show you how your dreams relate to your everyday life including important information which may not be apparent to the dreamer. You will learn so much from these teachings and it is also a lot of fun and something that you will be able to use forever.”
Barbara Courtille, Artist, YoginiThreads, Australia

Cíntia R Machado“Studying with Jane Teresa is a magical experience! The exercises are highly insightful and on-spot. The course helped me to organize my thoughts while interpreting my dreams and to have a broader picture of what they are trying to show me.”
– Cíntia R Machado, Student, Praia Grande, Brazil

Rachel Foreign Service Diplomat“I am half-way through the course.  I wish this was around when I was in my early 30s and turning to those snake-oil dream dictionaries. The pace is excellent, it’s clear and concise, and I highly recommended it to anyone interested in dreams. Thank you for creating this.”
– Rachel, Foreign Service Diplomat, (Rachel’s position requires anonymity), USA

“All three of your courses were wonderful! It’s amazing how simple but powerful your techniques are. My clients and I have experienced truly transformative results. I already had a copy of your Dream Alchemy book, which I read and enjoyed, but the additional videos and fieldwork were rewarding and fun. So glad I found you and your work!”
Kim Teodori, Vibrational Sound Therapist, Tuning Insight, USA

I loved the simplicity of the How to interpret your dreams step-by-step course, the gentle nature, and the friendliness.  Your videos are smiley and very informative and I delight in the bird song in the background. I wondered if they were your birds or just Australian outside birds. The course is easy for people to do in their own time in their own way.  I did it at quiet moments at work. But I equally didn’t want to rush it, so for each technique I learned, I liked to sleep on it and absorb it and to test it in the world and when it had sunk in, come back and learn the next bit. I love the people technique and the having the conversation technique with the symbols in your dream.  Brilliant!

Do the course: You will never look back. You know how to spot every clue and turn Columbo on your own brain. It’s nothing short of magical learning. And to be perfectly honest, I’ve never self-loved as much as I have learning to talk to the Other Me.”
– Caroline Tarrant, Student, England

“Thank you for sharing your tools and skills through these courses. Already, just applying the simple concept that everyone in my dream is about myself and that I can work through the dream symbols to gain a positive perspective outcome has led to immediate lucid dreaming and less anxiety over my dreams. I now know the difference between a prophetic vision and a dream. I am so so excited to have this available to me here in the USA. Your teaching and mentoring is fantastic.”
– Rhonda Susini, Retired Operating Room Nurse, USA

Duda Baldwin“I have just completed Course 1, How to interpret your dreams step-by-step, and ABSOLUTELY loved it! It all made perfect sense to me, probably as I am practicing Buddhist and teacher of Buddhism. I wish I learned this years ago, it would have helped me so so much since I always had very powerful dreams. Anyway, I am glad I’ve done it now and I’m moving on to your next courses, hoping I can incorporate this wisdom into my coaching with clients. Many thanks for this Jane, I am ever so grateful that you shared your wisdom.”
– Duda Baldwin, Life Coach & Buddhist Teacher, Australia

Sarah Maybury“You’ve developed a fantastic format. So practical and friendly and respectful of the greater mystery.”
– Sarah Maybury, Writer, Australia

Watch the video to learn more about this course

Your course includes

  • More than 100 minutes of video instruction with Jane Teresa in nine videos
  • Your Dream Interpretation Chart (pdf)
  • Course Notes (pdf)
  • Detailed page notes
  • End of course quiz
  • Certificate of completion
  • Hours of study: Allow 8+ hours: more details below.
  • Access to the exclusive Dream Academy community forums.

Hours of study

Allow 8 plus hours to do this course. There are videos to watch, notes to read, exercises to do, and your Dream Interpretation Chart to fill in as you go. In the videos Jane Teresa regularly asks you to ‘press pause’ and do an exercise, or look at your dream, or follow some directions in filling in your chart. Most people will spend about 8 hours the first time they go through the course focussing on one dream and ending up with a dream interpretation.

After this, you can go through the system as many times as you wish to interpret different dreams. Soon you’ll find yourself able to interpret your dreams quickly and efficiently without Jane Teresa’s video help.

Why train with Jane Teresa?

Jane Teresa AndersonYou are in safe, expert hands. Jane Teresa has been consulting professionally as a dream analyst and dream therapist since 1992, and trained students in dream therapy for two decades before deciding to further evolve her courses into an online format.

Originally trained as a scientist, Jane Teresa’s approach to interpreting and working with dreams is both an art and a science, based on her independent research and deep work with clients for over 26 years.

Jane Teresa’s long experience with the media over as many years (television and radio), combined with her earlier training in teaching and education, has gifted her the skills to design courses and communicate and teach in an effective and fun way through videos as well as through the written word.

You can read more about Jane Teresa and her extensive bio here.

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