A life in dreams.

When I look back over my life so far, I see a path of dreams. I think of my early childhood, and there it is, my dream of snakes nesting at the foot of my bed. I think of being six or seven, and there it is, in full colour and vivid heart-pounding emotion, my dream of being a shepherd boy encountering a pack of wolves gazing down at me from a mountain ridge with ominous intensity. I think of being nine or ten, and there it is, the plane flying at such a sharp incline that it flips over backwards and explodes in the sky. I think of being thirteen, and there’s my grandfather, a couple of days after his death, riding a motorbike into my dream and casually asking me if there’s anything I’d like to know before he leaves.

As a child I was curious. Were these dreams a parallel reality? Did they offer glimpses into a more distant past, perhaps a past life, or predictions of future accidents, or glimpses into the spirit world?

As a child I was entranced by the magic of dreams, and always welcomed the promise of the nightly adventures sleep would bring, even the scary ones.

As my dreams became more surreal, I began to understand that they were rather more like energy pictures depicting my emotions and interactions with the world, yet larger than life, as if they offered a glimpse of a larger and deeper part of my self and the nature of life than I could grasp while awake.

I can mark out my life in dreams, as if turning the pages of a photo album.

Most key events and turning points were preceded or accompanied by vivid dreams, and I know the same will be true of the years ahead.

It’s not that my dreams predicted my future. Like all dreams, they connected or reconnected me with the deepest parts of my being, and when I learned how to understand my dreams I learned how to understand my self and my life, and how to use that insight to make powerful changes.

These are the gifts that dreams bring, and since every one of us dreams about five dreams a night, whether or not we remember them, these are universal gifts available to each and every one of us on a daily basis. To accept these gifts, we need to learn and practise the art and science of reading dreams and allow the insight they bring to bestow the blessings they hold.


Jane Teresa Anderson

Graduating with an Honours degree in Zoology specialising in neurophysiology from the University of Glasgow, dream analyst and dream therapist Jane Teresa Anderson has been researching dreams since 1992, and developing and teaching dream alchemy practices that shift perspective and reprogram unconscious limiting beliefs. Jane Teresa is a multi-published author, and appears frequently in the media on television, radio, and in print. She is also host of the long-running podcast, The Dream Show, and offers her online study and certificate courses through The Dream Academy.


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