Dream Therapist Package

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Save $100 by purchasing the Dream Therapist Package: 

How to interpret your dreams step-by-step


Dream Alchemy, how to create and use dream alchemy exercises to transform your life


Dream Therapy Professional Level 1.

Instant access, begin today! Go at your own pace, and revisit as many times as you wish.

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The first two courses, How to interpret your dreams step-by-step, and Dream Alchemy, are both pre-requisite foundational courses for studying Dream Therapy Professional Level 1, so save yourself both time and money by investing in this package.

You save $100 by choosing this package rather than purchasing these courses individually.

In HOW TO INTERPRET YOUR DREAMS STEP-BY-STEP I take you through a step-by-step process you can use to interpret your dreams and gain deep insight into yourself and your life. You’ll discover and be able to use the valuable life-shaping information your dreams hold.

In DREAM ALCHEMY you delve into the magic of creating dream alchemy to change your life in wonderful ways. I show you how to prescribe, create, and use different types of dream alchemy practices to reprogram the limiting unconscious beliefs revealed by your dreams.

In DREAM THERAPY PROFESSIONAL LEVEL 1 you learn how to work with clients and assist their healing and transformation using dream therapy techniques.

You’ll have instant access, so you can begin today then go at your own pace. You can revisit these courses as many times as you wish. You will need to complete course 1 to gain access to course 2, and complete course 2 to gain access to course 3.

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